ITxPT Transportation Router

  • ITxPT Approved – Vehicle modules (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring System, passenger info, ticketing, etc.) and their related equipment are interfaced in “Plug & Play” mode on the onboard IP vehicle network, with standard M12 connectors.
  • Multi 4G-LTE Modem – With up to four independent 4G LTE modems, the router can simultaneously connect up to four carriers. The data can be spread across two or more providers, increasing the overall network speed and providing redundancy for mobile applications.
  • Quad-SIM Slot – Multi-SIM allows you to mix and match your connections based on network performance, throughput and geolocation. Based on pre-configured profiles or custom scripts, the device can switch and enable modems to provide the best network experience at that location.
  • Dual M12 Gigabit Ethernet – Once used primarily by automobile manufacturers, the M12 has become the industry standard in factory automation, autonomous robotics, communication, measurement and control, and many other applications.
  • M12 Ignition Power – Intelligent power controller manages power input to the router’s power through the ignition switch to prevent the risk of losing sensitive data from sudden power loss.
  • 1 TB SSD Storage – Deliver multi-media information and entertaining content, like real-time route information, traffic messages, advertisements, emergency information, travel guides, and video surveillance live feeds stored on the router to passengers.