Advanced Railway Router

  • EN 50155, EN 45545 Certified – Devices explicitly designed to comply with international standards regulating the electronic equipment used in rolling stock railway applications. Verified and covers aspects of standards, including mechanical, temperature, humidity, shock, vibration and other parameters.
  • Multi 4G-LTE WAN – Up to Six independent 4G LTE modems can operate in load-balancing mode to spread data across two or more providers or configure dynamic redundant profiles based on network performance, throughput and geolocation.
  • Quad SIM Slot – Don’t get locked into a single network. Multi-SIM and multi-carrier allow you to switch to an alternative provider for cost or switching to an alternative provider in dead zones.
  • Dual M12 Gigabit Ethernet – Once used primarily by automobile manufacturers, the M12 has become the industry standard in factory automation, autonomous robotics, communication, measurement and control, and many other applications.
  • Triple M12 Ethernet – The industrial waterproof Ethernet M12 connectors are ideal for railway network applications in harsh environments. Configure VLANs to separate network devices into manageable domains and enforce security policies among each logical segment.
  • IP65 IP Rating – Upgrade the standard IP40 rating on the enclosure to IP65 for a high level of protection against ingress of dust water and high temperature. The high IP rating is crucial to ensure that water cannot penetrate the encloser during regular operation.