Industrial Quad Ethernet Router

Quad Ethernet Dual-Band WiFi Rugged Router with GNSS

  • Dual 4G-LTE Modem – Dual active paths allow you to have a network connection from two different providers, so even if one fails, you still have access to the other.
  • Quad Fast Ethernet – Configure VLANs to separate groups of network devices into manageable domains and to enforce security policies among each logical segment.
  • Dual Sim Slot – Don’t get locked into a single network. Dual SIM single standby allows you to switch to an alternative provider for cost or switching to an alternative provider in dead zones.
  • Embedded Modules – Components are ruggedized to provide reliable connectivity without service interruption, regardless of temperatures, vibration, and humidity.
  • DIN Mounting – Fitted with the industry-standard DIN rail mounting option used in control cabinets.
  • Voice Module – Interface aging POTS systems to the FSX module on the router and allow inbound and outbound voice calls over the modem or VoIP.